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Training & Show Horse Fees

The following fees are to be expected and anticipated when owning a horse with Shenanigan Stables

Curent Rates


$750 per month in addition to Board


  • Local vet hauling (Dr. Arnold or Dr. Cellela): $150

  • Allen Animal Clinic (Dr. Balie White): $180

  • Weems and Stephens: $225

  • Emergency (less than 24 hours notice): $150 + above hauling

Transactions on the sales of horses:

  1. A broker fee or commission fee of 10% will be charged on the purchase or sale of any horse represented by Shenanigan Stables for any transaction involving a party “outside of the barn.” Any additional expenses of travel including but not limited to lodging, airfare, car rental, and food will be billed at cost. 

  2. On sales between Shenanigan’s customers “within the barn” a broker fee or commission of 10% will be charged to each the buyer and the seller, for a total commission due to Shenanigan Stables of 20%.

Additional Charges:

  • Body Clipping: $175

  • Additional Private: $80

  • Additional Group: $70

Routine Care Requirement:

  1. Veterinary Expenses: billed directly to client from veterinarian

  2. Vaccinations and Worming: billed from MLEC 

  3. Farrier Expenses: Billed directly from Farrier

  4. Medication: Any medication will be billed directly through Shenanigan Stables


You are required to own the following items for your show horse:

  • 2 Leather halters: One for in the barn and one for shows

  • Your own Saddle with a nameplate

  • Saddle Cover

  • White show girth

  • Show Bridle with nameplate

  • Navy Radon Sheet & Blanket

  • Bell boots

  • Tailset (if necessary) 

  • Freedman bump pad (if needed)

Horse Show Expenses:

Show Flat Rate: At the beginning of the season there will be a list of shows we will be attending and the cost to attend. This must be paid in full before the show! This rate includes stalls, bedding, tack stalls, dressing rooms, hauling, show preparation, and office fees. It does NOT include tipping. 


Post Show Expenses: Any extra costs such as additional bedding, higher entry fees or additional classes, shoeing, or any medication needed will be billed after the show. 


Rental Fees: If using a barn owned harness, driving cart, or tail switches the following fees will be applied per class

* Harness and Cart: $100 per class

* Switch or Cap: $50 per class


Tipping: We are fortunate to have such great help at the show. You will be notified of whom the grooms are at the show. At most shows, $40-$75 is appropriate per class. Take into consideration if your horse wears additional tails, braces, etc. 

Please reach out with any questions.

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