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Interested in leasing a horse? This is a great step if you aren't quite ready to own a show horse. 

We have several of our lesson horses and a few show horses available for an Academy half-lease. We have a great leasing program which has helped a lot of our riders step up and find greater success in the show ring.

Riding multiple horses is very beneficial to learning to ride. However, if you have show goals then teaming up with a specific horse tends to have better rewards and secures that you have that horse available to lesson on and show. 

There is an upfront half-lease fee of $1000 which secures your lease for 6 months. After that, leasing is about: $1000 a month including shoes, vet, board, and lessons

Academy Half-Lease Candidates at Shenanigans:







Rally - currently fully leased out until May 2023

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