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Leasing a horse offers the rider many benefits when it comes to advancing their skills and riding career. We answer all your questions below!

Shenanigan Stable’s Lease Program


Congratulations on taking the next step and considering a lease! A horse lease is a wonderful way to help your rider advance in lessons, shows, and experience the responsibility of horse ownership, or simply take the next step in your riding career!


Why should I lease a horse?

There are many positive aspects of horse leasing. You or your child has been taking lessons for some time now and has an interest in showing. A lease guarantees your child will be on her preferred (leased) horse at shows and secures that horse for most lessons. It is important to note that all riders have lessons on various horses, even riders who own their horses, to develop certain skills. 

Leasing a horse is the next step after consistent lessoning in the horse journey. We understand that horse ownership is not for everyone and many riders prefer to lease indefinitely while growing as a rider by rotating the horses they lease, rather than buying a horse.

Leasing can also be a great step for those who do not wish to show.  It offers the experience of horse ownership (or partial horse ownership) before you take that plunge! Leasing helps riders understand the qualities in a horse they like and dislike, and can help with the shopping process when/if that happens.  If you lease a horse for pleasure riding, you are allowed to take them for rides in the lanes as long as Hope, Jordan or Maggie are at the barn. Show horses are not available for pleasure leases.  (This option is typically only extended to adults)


How much does it cost to lease a horse?

The most common lease is called “Half Lease” which means you share the horse with one other individual and/or our program. A “Full Lease” would mean that you are the only person using the horse and is only available with certain horses. The financial responsibility for a Half Lease is 50% of the boarding fees, 50% of the farrier fees, and 50% of wellness care such as vaccines and dental care. The financial responsibility for a Full Lease is 100% of the boarding, farrier, and wellness fees. Lessons are not included in the lease cost. Enrollment in our twice a week lesson program is required in order to lease a horse.

In addition, there is a Lease Fee that covers the insurance and emergency medical care for the horse. The lease fee is for a 6-month term and is varied per the level of horse selected. If the horse you lease is owned by Shenanigan Stables you will never be asked to pay for the horse’s emergency medical fees which is unique to our program. 

  • Academy 6-month lease fee: $1000 per 6 months

  • Performance Horse lease fee: starting at $1500 per 6 months


How long is a lease term?

Lease terms are for 6 months. Towards the end of each 6-month period, you will meet with the trainers to determine if you wish to continue the current lease before it is offered to another rider, or if it may be time to lease a different horse for your rider. 


If you’re interested in more details about leasing please talk to Jordan or Maggie about which horse might be a good fit!

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